The Walking Dead: All Out War. A brief overview

The Walking Dead: All Out War Mantic Games

By George Fyvie
The Walking Dead: All out war is a 28mm style survival game set in the world of the graphic novel storyline based upon a successful Kickstarter by Mantic.

The core game is set in Atlanta, and comes with some cardboard scenery (replace with realistic sized models at the first opportunity!), equipment upgrade cards, a horde of zombies, some speciality dice, a small gaming mat and a group of survivors including Carl and Rick.
Each booster comes complete with usually a title character (such as Neegan or Glenn), a zombie and a fellow survivor from the comics.
There are several scenario’s after the initial game, such as the Farm, the Prison and Woodbury with more to come.
There is scope to potentially create a campaign based system, including your favourite characters gaining experience down to them losing body parts (although these are fan based at the moment – only a basic campaign system is part of the original game!) You can however play solo which is a great help to get the hang of the rules!

You can fight other groups of survivors, attempt to fend off a zombie apocalypse or do sneak missions, where you nip into places to steal supplies, while other survivors try and take you out to get to the goodies themselves.
There is an effective noise based system that draws zombies to you with the more noise you make, as turns go by the tension and the amount of zombies bearing down on you increases!
We are currently in wave two, with characters such as Glenn, Maggie, Tyreese, Rick, Morgan and Ezekiel with wave three (set in the prison) just about to launch, giving us a whole new raft of miniatures and upgrades.
The sculpts are good, the gameplay is fast and easy to get the hang of and if the game follows the storyline of the comics, then there are many good parts to come such as the hilltop, the kingdom, the saviours and the whisperer war!

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