Modiphius News and Updates.

 News in from our good friends over at Modiphius Entertainment, with exciting chances to have your stories heard in the Star Trek Adventures Living Campaign.  Plus today (29th September) is the birthday of Mr Modiphius himself Chris Birch and from myself and everyone here at Gamers Web we would like to wish him a fantastic birthday!

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Cosplay Talk: Sam Fullerton

Over the years I have been lucky enough to have met some amazing people from all walks of life around the world, many of which have become good friends. Like many folks I love going to conventions and i am always bowled over by the sheer amount of passion that so many people show towards cosplaying, often spending many months of hard work hand crafting a costume from scratch.  Continue reading Cosplay Talk: Sam Fullerton

Go Back to the Future again with Great Escape Games

Great Escape Games have some amazing models in their ranges, and their models for Dead Mans Hand are some of the best in the genre.  Now you can get your hands on The Professor , a model based on a certain Doctor from a certain time travel adventure. Continue reading Go Back to the Future again with Great Escape Games