Et Tu Brute! Gangs of Rome available for pre-order

Loyal citizens of Rome,  the noble Cesar decrees that the mighty Warlord Games release a new form of entertainment for his pleasure.

Now available for pre-order is Gangs of Rome an exciting new skirmish combat game that looks as amazing as Test of Honor.

Check out the link to pre-order.  Cesar demands it so!

Dice Men book on Crowdfunding

If you are a seasoned gamer the names Ian Livingston and Steve Jackson will mean a lot to you.  These stalwarts of the gaming industry are the men not only behind the powerhouse that is Games Workshop, they are also responsible for one of the best selling games of all time and introducing literally millions of people into the world of gaming with their Fighting Fantasy series of books. Continue reading Dice Men book on Crowdfunding

Modiphius teases Super Mutant goodness

News in from our good friends over at Modiphius Entertainment giving us a sneak peek at some of the fully painted Super Mutants from the upcoming Fallout: Wasteland Warfare. Continue reading Modiphius teases Super Mutant goodness