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Announcing The First US Gunslinger Masters at Gencon Indy 2018

More news from Warcradle and great news for those lucky enough to be going to GenCon Indy in August.  Hopefully this will be a regular event around the world.

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New pre-orders for WWX now up

Yet another update from the wonderful guys over at Warcradle Studios.  New pre-orders are now up with two new posses, Infernal Investigations and Dixie Resurrection, and a new sculpt for Great Elk and finally available for the first time outside … Continue reading

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Warcradle Blog June 2018

Warcradle have just posted their blog update with some sneak peaks.  Check out the video below and head over the site for more closer looks at those amazing models. 

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Jings Ma Boab! Warlord previews Middenface McNultey

More news in from Warlord Games with the unveiling of everybodys favourite nutter mutie bounty hunter from Shytehill Archibald ‘Middenface’ McNultey! 

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