Updates and New Directions!

Firstly and perhaps more importantly, please allow me to apologise for the lack of recent content and updates.

This is down to several factors which include working a demanding full time job, and balancing life with a two and a half year old at home, as well as the usual day and out norms of life. I will hopefully be able to get back to more frequent updates from now on. Gamers Web has always been about connections and sharing and will continue to do so and showcase new products and companies when possible. That said however I do find myself wanting to have a more personal input into the site (though everything is done more or less by myself) and as such I am going to concentrate coverage and content for a couple of games that I am extremely interested in.
Modiphius Entertainment

For many years now (over ten in fact) I have been good friends with Chris Birch the owner and founder of Modiphius Entertainment and have worked with Chris on several projects in the past. I am very proud to call this young man my friend and always feel a swell of achievement for him when I see his new projects come to fruition. Modiphius is one of the leading lights in the roleplaying industry and is now making big impacts in the miniature games side of the hobby and I intend to cover this in much more depth. In the future I will be taking a look at all things Modiphius Entertainment in a new section of the site called Eye on Modiphius! This will cover roleplaying games, miniature games, news and kickstarter details, as well as interviews and reviews of products.
Wild West Exodus

More recently I have found a new passion in the form of Wild West Exodus from Warcradle Studios. Wild West Exodus has been around for quite a while now, but it was only by sheer chance that I managed to stumble across it and have spent more or less the last six weeks building up what I can to play this exciting miniatures game. In another new section The Ranch, I will be looking at the game in some great detail, giving reviews of the amazing looking miniatures and hopefully interviews with the people behind the game, as well as presenting fiction, new characters and much more.
Star Wars Legion and X-Wing

Lastly my other project for the year will be revolving around Star Wars: Legion and Star Wars: X-Wing Miniature Combat Games. I have always liked Star Wars (though I do much prefer Star Trek to be honest) and both of these games are great fun to play and collect. I will be bringing battle reports and unboxing’s as well as reviews of products and much more.

Gamers Web will still continue to review products and post articles on other companies and items of interest and will also continue to cover the cosplaying side of my hobbies, but I have taken the decision to concentrate on things I am passionate about and give them my attention.


June 15th 2018

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