Warlord Games announces Strontium Dog Miniatures Game Pre-Orders

News in from Warlord Games to say that they are now taking pre-orders for the latest in the 2000AD range of miniature games, Strontium Dog: The Good, The Bad and The Weird!  This is not Warlords first foray with 2000AD, as they had the rights to the Mongoose Publishing Judge Dredd the Miniatures Game a while back, however this is their first home grown system set in the strange and wonderful universe of British comics legend 2000AD

“The setting is late in the 22nd century. Many survivors of the devastating Atomic Wars were mutated by the Strontium 90 fallout. These mutants became an underclass, hated by the ruling ‘norms’. The only job left for them was bounty-hunting.

The strongest of these mutants hunt down criminals throughout the galaxy for the Search/Destroy agency, cruelly nicknamed the Strontium Dogs by the ‘norms’. Operating from an orbiting space station known as The Doghouse, SD agents take many shapes and forms.

Armed with highly advanced technology including, electrified brass knuckles, short-range teleporters and time bombs to name a few, they bring justice to the far reaches of the galaxy!”

The game is available to pre-order now in either the starter box (detailed below) or a collection that features a whole host of other characters and extras from the Strontium Dog comics.

The game will include:-

  • 112 page full-colour A4 softback rulebook
  • 12 page scenario booklet
  • 8 x metal miniatures with laser-cut MDF bases
  • 2 x plastic tokens sprue
  • 36 x game cards
  • 6 x character cards
  • Laser-cut MDF Solar Farm
  • 2 x six-sided dice
  • 8 x 2000AD combat dice

Head over to the Warlord store now to pre-order this amazing looking game and get your bounties while you can! Images copyright Warlord Games/Rebellion LTD All rights reserved!

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