Announcing The First US Gunslinger Masters at Gencon Indy 2018

More news from Warcradle and great news for those lucky enough to be going to GenCon Indy in August.  Hopefully this will be a regular event around the world.

Gen Con 2018 will see not one but two inaugural US GUNSLINGER MASTERS events for Wild West Exodus!

Take part in one (or both) of our back-to-back Warcradle Studios officially run US Gunslinger Masters Events at Gen Con 2018 for a chance to win glory for your Faction, some epic prizes AND to meet the Trailblazer team (Daz and Craig cannot wait to meet you all).

All participating players will receive a gold Fortune Chip (nice) with more prizes for the top players.

Not only will the top three players receive the coveted Gunslinger badges, which they will proudly be able to wear around the convention and beyond (go on, make your opponents drool with envy when you get back home), the top three players will also receive a voucher ($50 for placing First, $30 for placing Second, and $20 for placing Third) to spend at Warcradle Studios’ Gen Con stand!


Those who place first will also receive something very special indeed…


How special? Well, while we don’t want to spoil the surprise, we will say that there are TWO trophies (one to be awarded on both Friday and Saturday). Even more importantly, they will not be available anywhere else – EVER! So, you really do have to be in it to win it.

We want to get as many of you involved in the US Gunslinger Masters as possible! For this reason, we have set up TWO US Gunslinger Masters events over Gen Con, one on Friday and one on Saturday, so as many of you as possible get the chance to take part – and have a great time while you’re with us too.



Wild West Exodus US MASTERS


Wild West Exodus US MASTERS


Make sure to book your tickets quick to take part in the first ever US Masters and get your name in the Wild West Exodus Hall of Fame!

Check out the Gunslinger OP PDF for more information on Gunslinger Tournaments.



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