Last Chance to Pre-Order Fallout: Wasteland Warfare

News in from good friend of Gamers Web Chris Birch over at Modiphius Entertainment about the shipping of Fallout: Wasteland Warfare.

Hi there we’re so close now! The container ship containing the Two Player Starter Sets has arrived in the port, and is now in the hands of customs. Which means we’re close to two very important dates so please read below!
  • IF YOU PRE-ORDERED THROUGH OUR WEBSTORE BY MARCH 1st you have until this Sunday morning, the 8th July to advise us of any updates to your order (e.g change of address) to support@modiphius.comOn Monday we’ll be downloading all these priority orders received by March 1st to ship first.
  • IF YOU HAVE NOT YET PRE-ORDERED – you have until Sunday 15th to place your pre-order online with us and get the Nuka Cola girl pre-order bonus miniature (as long as your order totals £120 or more excluding shipping). After the 15th we’ll be downloading all pre-orders received since March 2nd to process immediately after the priority orders. From the 16th July, Nuka Girl miniatures will no longer be added to orders of £120 or more. You’ll be able to get Nuka Girl in later pre-orders and from conventions.
PLEASE NOTE: This DOES NOT mean we start shipping next week! We have to wait approx 7-10 days for customs to clear the container and for it to be trucked to our warehouse. This could be quicker, if it is we’ll let you know. We download the orders from the store to check them over, confirm who gets the Nuka Girl bonus, and get them in a fit format ready for the warehouse to process. Once the container arrives it will be unpacked quickly but then it will be a few days for the warehouse to organise all the stock ready for fulfilment to begin. This preparation hopefully reduces any delays.
Just a few notes:
  • If you ordered a total of £120 or more split across several orders you still qualify for Nuka Girl.
  • The £120 threshold does not include shipping.
  • We cannot organise pickups from GenCon, the Modiphius office or the seaport 🙂
FINALLY! We wanted to say thanks so much for being patient during the long development process. We’re adding a little something extra to every pre-ordered Two Player Starter box to show our appreciation. We’re really proud of the Fallout: Wasteland Warfare game and can’t wait to hear how you get on with it. We’re planning some awesome reveals for what is to come next so watch out.
…wait what’s that sound…?!


Luckily we didn’t end up like the FMS Northern Star!
Till next time Vault Dwellers!
Chris, Modiphius

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