Kung Fu Panda – Jombified Minis & Coloured Dice

More information on Kung-Fu Panda from our good pals over at Modiphius Entertainment.  Check the details out below.  Back now as there isn’t much time left!

Over on the Kung Fu Panda Kickstarter we’ve been able to unlock yet another set of Stretch Goals and a bonus thanks to retail support!
First up we’ve got another set of tasty upgrades to the awesome £60 Master Pledge which sees new Jade Jombie versions of Kai and the Badgers Twins in a translucent green plastic. We were also able to upgrade the Masters dice set to be 4 different colours – so now you have 4 red, yellow, green and blue dice!
We’ve also been able to upgrade the £25 Base game (RRP £45) with the Extra Special Move Cards & Dumpling Tokens, the Mountain & Rope Bridge Tiles plus Bamboo & Hot Springs Tiles with special rules. For those who want to bring in other characters or locations from the TV shows or films you have some blank tiles to make up your own. See below for how these new Special Move cards work!
The special move cards add more depth and fun to your games, and more challenge to your campaigns. The cards let you summon and use your Chi roles in new ways; breaking walls on your own; throwing enemies great distances; or even reviving players previously out of reach. However special moves are not just given. They are earned by feats of bravery (that, and sharing out the Dumplings at the end of a fight!). Players playing short or long mission arcs (2+ scenarios in one session) can use the Dumplings special rule.
The Dumplings and Extra Special Move Card
This special rules add the Dumpling token to most scenarios. If players win the scenario having collected the Dumplings they may use special moves in their next mission, distributed as described below. The Dumplings are a collectable element in scenarios, but are always kept in the kitchen – an area that may be out of the way or on a different path to the mission objective. With the clock ticking getting the Dumplings and unlocking special moves is a gamble – can you get the Dumplings and escape in time?
NEW STRETCH GOALS? So that unleashes a new set of Stretch goals! We got some great feedback on the concept for the alternative cardboard standup minions so enter the Pig and Croc Bandits plus villages and bamboo walls! This all leads up to a Jombified set of Masters as if Kai had conquered them all!
Check out the Kickstarter here, and please share with friends or family!
Chris, Modiphius

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