Kung Fu Panda kickstarter Update

Modiphius Entertainments current kickstarter for the Kung Fu Panda board game continues to gain momentum.  Back now and get the game a very special low, low price.

In the Kung Fu Panda Kickstarter we’ve unlocked the dastardly Pig Bandits as a set of stand up die-cut minions on plastic bases and are now almost half way to unlocking the Croc Bandits.
You now have just under six hours to join the adventure as the Kickstarter ends 8pm UK time tonight!
We have English and French editions, but we’re also making free downloadable rulebooks in German and Dutch with more to come!
Here’s the next set of Stretch goals and what we’ve unlocked so far.
If you’ve been on the fence about upgrading or pledging, you can just pledge a £1 or go for the £25 base game and then upgrade to the £60 Master pledge once you’re invited to the pledge manager after the Kickstarter closes. You can also pledge using Paypal or bank card over on our webstore here.
Here’s what the Masters pledge includes now!
Check out the Kickstarter here, and please share with friends or family!

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