Warcradle looking for Warhosts!

Warcradle Studios are looking for people to demonstrate their products, including Wild West Exodus in the new Warhosts programme.  At the moment the programme seems only to be available in the United States but hopefully will reach other territories soon.

We have some great news for you; our Warhost Programme is now open for US volunteers!

So, it’s time to ask yourself a very important question…


We are looking for enthusiastic community members, who are positive, inquisitive and friendly, to go out into the world and introduce new players to Warcradle Studios games systems by organising demo events at Clubs, Events and their FLGS.

Grow your community!

As well as getting the opportunity to introduce and recruit new players to the worlds of Warcradle, you will also get to enjoy and share your hobby by running sanctioned Organised Play leagues, tournaments, hobby nights and more – in fact, what you do as a Warhost will only be limited by your imagination and the time you have spare!

warcradle studios warhost program

What are you waiting for?

If you want to be part of the Warhost Programme, head over to the form and register your interest now!

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