Claymore 2018

Not long home from my flying visit to this years Claymore, held once again by South East Scotland Wargames Club here in Edinburgh.  A great game show with several hundred visitors over the course of the day, but once again a few problems.  

Claymore has been a show for many, many years now and had had various venues in and around Edinburgh, though more recently has made its home at the former Telford College just a short bus ride from the city.  This is Scotlands number one games convention and as such attracts dozens of traders from around the UK (some coming up from as far afield as Southampton), dozens of games clubs and societies and as mentioned a good few hundered gamers from around Scotland and the north!

On a whole the show is a very good affair and is well laid out, if a little hot due to the nature of the venue itself, though there are a few things that could be addressed in future events.

The biggest bug bear for myself and quite a few of the people I spoke with today is the clubs Bring and Buy stall.  Bring and Buys are a great source of revenue for any games club that puts on a games show, as the club gets a percentage of whatever is sold on the day, which can run into many hundreds of pounds, and most of the punters head for the B&B to see if they can pick up a bargain or two (I managed to get a full copy of Fantasy Flight Games X-Wing and the Millennium Falcon expansion for £6.00 each!).  The main issue is not with anyone at the convention, but the location of the B&B itself.  Nestled away in one corner of the smallest rooms in the venue, the Bring and Buy is always rammed with people trying desperately to get to the stand itself and see what is on offer.  The L shaped configuration is a very outdated mode of use nowadays and given the amount of traffic that flows through the doors during the course of the day, it would make more sense to hold the B&B in the main hall of the venue and have it as a straight up long table!  It is only a small gripe but worth noting as several folks I spoke with today were not happy that they had to queue for ages just to take a look at the stall.

The show itself was good and well laid out otherwise and featured traders such as Lancashire Games, Kallistra, Pendraken, Warlord Games, Old Glory Miniatures UK, Dixon Miniatures, and many more (full list below) and had everything from Games Workshop products to historical and traditional wargames and much more!

Traders Run Down

As well as loads of traders, Claymore attracts lots of clubs as mentioned and each year they put on demo and participation games for the public which is always a great source of fun and brings the show to life.  Dozens of tables with amazingly painted models and buildings add to the day, and the fact that many of the games are participation means you can play too!

Demonstration Games

  • Angus Wargames Club – Batman the Miniatures Game
  • Chris and Pat Brown with Aberdeen Wargames Club – Road to the Reich
  • Dunfermline Wargames Club – Zennanza`s Revenge (Ancients, Hittites vs Egyptians)
  • Durham Wargames Group –  Cossacks vs Ottomans in Ukraine, late 17th Century.
  • Falkirk & District Wargames Club – The Battle of Inverurie
  • Glasgow Phoenix Wargames Club – English Civil War
  • Glasgow Tradeston – Successors
  • Gourock Wargames Association – The Orne River Bridges, 6th June 1944
  • Kirriemuir Wargames Club – T in the Park (Berlin 1945)
  • League of Augsburg – Aspern Campaign, 1809
  • The Iron Brigade – Napoleonic s
  • Tyneside Wargames Club – Bronze Age Naval

Participation Games

  • Antony Spencer in association with Warbases – Allez les Mousquetaires
  • Bathgate Wargames Club – Fantasy Skirmish
  • East Neuk Irregulars – Anglo Iraq War 1941
  • Funky Skull Games – Street Wars NY
  • Glasgow & District Wargames Club – Game of Thrones
  • Glasgow Games Group (G3) – Relic knights
  • Gothenburg Gamers – Suez 1956
  • Harrogate Wargames club – Sharp Practice
  • League of Altzheimers – Gangs of Rome
  • Leuchars Veterans – Carry On Up the Khyber
  • Prince of Darkness Games  –  Warpack – Winter Warbands
  • Studio Miniatures – Turf War Z
  • Supreme Littleness Designs & University of Edinburgh – Gaming a Crusader Castle
  • Tombraider Games Club – Star Wars Legion
  • Up Close –  Age of Alchemy
  • Wings of War Aerodrome – Wings of Glory – Battle of Britain

Some of the games though do tend to stand out from the rest and a few of them are shown in the gallery of photos taken during the day.  Click on the link below to see the gallery!

Warlord Games were showing off the new Strontium Dog Miniatures Game, and had intro demonstration games being run on the stall and anyone purchasing a product from the range got their hands on a free Bubbas Revenge for the game which can be used as an objective marker.  Warlord also had a load of new Bolt Action and Gates of Antares releases to show off and as always the stall was very busy!

A couple of great demo tables stood out too, in the form of Street Wars from Funky Skull Games and Turf War Z from Studio Miniatures. Both games have a Warriors movie vibe to them, especially Street Wars, and both had demos in full swing more or less the whole show!  Expect more details and coverage of these games soon, as well as reviews and an interview with Funky Skull Games Iain McDonald!

Loads of bargains on the stalls and the main item that most people seemed to be after in droves was Games Workshops Kill Team, which seemed to sell out everywhere very fast.

Overall this years Claymore was a great show and well orchestrated by SESWC and the only bone of contention was that of the Bring and Buy.  It is well lit, has great ammenites and is laid out so that even wheelchair users can get close to the stalls without to much problems, something that a lot of other conventions don’t seem to take into account.




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    • Hi Sarah, I am not sure that it would be viable to run the show as a two day event, though to be honest I have often wondered that myself. Other shows such as Triples and Colours run over two days so why not Claymore. I will try to find out from SESWC. Marc


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