Adeptus Titanicus The Horus Heresy coming soon from Games Workshop

Games Workshop tend to release a new game every August or September, normally it is a reworking of either Warhammer 40,000 or Age of Sigmar (previously Warhammer Fantasy Battle), though sometimes it is a classic game such as Blood Bowl or Space Hulk.  Well sticking with the latter, this months White Dwarf magazine is packed with sneak peaks at a reworking of a much loved and missed GW classic; Adeptus Titanicus!

The game that first kicked off the whole Epic scale range that allowed you to fight huge battles, far bigger than 40K is back and getting a full makeover, including new rules, ways the mechanics play and of course new models!

Like the recent release of Kill Team, the game will be available in a few different variants, you will be able to get the rules alone, or a rule set which will contain counters and data boards for your titans.  The buildings will also be available separately to buy and are huge! And finally the titans themselves will be released separately too.

However if your wallet stretches to it, you can buy the two player set The Grand Master Edition, this comes with all the rules and counters/data cards, buildings and a whole host of titans and knights.  The titans will be two Warlord class and the game will also come with six knights, each being customisable and will include decals!  The whole thing has not had a price announced yet but is very likely to be around £150/$190 but boy does it look worth the money.  Currently my scanner is dead so I can’t upload the images but here are a few directly from the Games Workshop Community site!

UPDATE: Since this post I have found out that the retail price for the rules set will be £35.00/$45.00 and the Grand Master Edition will be £175.00/$226!

Expect a full review as soon as we can get our hands on a copy.

All images copyright Games Workshop all rights reserved and used only for promotional purposes! 

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