New from YFT Design Studio

There are a lot of companies out there making miniatures and wargames, far to many for me to count thats for sure and some of these are really good, some are okay and then there are those that surpass okay and offer amazing products.  Case in point YFT Design Studio!

A few years ago I stumbled by chance on  7TV from Crooked Dice and I was blown away by the detail and quality of the miniatures and the production value of their game!  The game draws very heavily on British cult television from the 1960s and 70s and allows you, in sorts; to recreate those programes as you fight for ratings and stopping your show from being cancelled.

Everything cult seems to get a look in from Doctor Who, to Captain Scarlet and much more and the fact that you could take characters from other franchises made it all the more fun!

It was around this time that I first became friends with Drew Wood, a very active member of the Facebook communities for various cult related groups, including 7TV! Drew was running a miniatures company at the time Nexus Miniatures and was producing models that were ideal for 7TV, such as ones that looked very much like the Visitors from V.  Now re-branded as  YFT Design Studio with some amazing looking miniatures which could have walked right off a television show!

Billed as Look-A-Likes rather than what they are based on I guess, these models are simply amazing and I can’t wait to get my hands on them and add them to my games and collections.  With everything from V to Stranger Things and classic Anime such as Marine Boy getting a look in, its no wonder why these are selling fast.  Here are a few of the latest on offer from YFT!!/Undersea-Lad/p/113146735!/The-New-Defenders-Collectors-Mega-Pack/p/109871126!/The-Strangers-plus-their-Arch-Enemy-the-Demon-Gorgon/p/70918811!/The-Morrow-Men-Collectors-Mega-Pack/p/109871109

Tests of the new miniatures!

Head on over to the YFT site and grab yourself a bargain before they are all gone!




































































































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