Modiphius Entertainment Lands Dune!

Great news from our good friends over at Modiphius Entertainment is that they have landed the rights to produce a roleplaying game based around Frank Herberts legendary space drama Dune!  I know that Chris Birch head honcho over at Modiphius is a huge fan of the books, so its safe to say that the IP is in good hands, especially seeing how well Star Trek was treated.  More information below from the announcement! Many congratulations to Chris and all the team at Modiphius!  Just need to get Captain Scarlet now for the full set Chris!

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GW Teases new Ork Vehicles

Orks have been a mainstay in fantasy ever since Tolkien introduced them in Lord of the Rings (with the  titular creatures being Orcs!) and are much loved by many around the world.  Games Workshop dropped the ‘C’ in favour of a ‘K’ and launched them into outer space to be the perfect foe to pit against the Space Marines! Continue reading