GW Teases new Ork Vehicles

Orks have been a mainstay in fantasy ever since Tolkien introduced them in Lord of the Rings (with the  titular creatures being Orcs!) and are much loved by many around the world.  Games Workshop dropped the ‘C’ in favour of a ‘K’ and launched them into outer space to be the perfect foe to pit against the Space Marines!

Several decades have passed since the first Ork model was released way back in the mid eighties and its about time that some of the old classics were revisited with new technologies now available.

Well if you are a fan of the greenskined hordes, your in luck!

Speed Worth Waiting For

After more than two decades, a classic is being reborn…

That’s right – after waiting patiently (and not-so-patiently), Ork players can look forward to a brand new boxed set featuring some incredible new vehicles, like this update of the venerable Ork Warbuggy.

We’ll have more news for you very soon at Warhammer Fest in the Warhammer Community and Studio Preview Seminar. In fact, if you want to be there in person, there’s still time to pick up your tickets.

If you can’t, we’ll be posting all the updates as they happen right here on Warhammer Community as well as through our email newsletter – so stay tuned.

All images copyright Games Workshop All Rights Reserved!

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