Modiphius Entertainment name that drink?

If like me, you couldn’t make Modiphius Entertainments launch party for the excellent Fallout Wasteland Warfare miniature game you may have heard that there was a competition held during the event.  Well looks like we all will get a chance to take part now!

Competition time! For those that missed out on our #Fallout Wasteland Warfare event hosted by Bethesda fear not!

We’re giving everyone the chance to win some goodies left over from the night!

Comment below with what you’d name the drink in this picture adding the hashtag #CheersVaultDwellers to complete your entry.

Tell your friends and make it competitive!

Read our full competition T&C’s:

*Vault Tec would like to remind entrants that this is a family vault and entries should be suitable for all ages.

This competition ends Monday 20/08/2018 4pm UK/11am EST/8am PST & the winner will be announced on Tuesday.

Prize: a Fallout Charisma Bobblehead, a set of Fallout badges, a Nuka Girl miniature (unpainted, unassembled), an Alien Zetan miniature plus card, a Dogtag necklace, Nuka Cola caps and a Luck Dice.

Judges decision is final and will be based on the team’s most favourite name for the cocktail pictured that also includes the hashtag.



22 thoughts on “Modiphius Entertainment name that drink?

  1. I’d call this drink:
    Glowing One’s Rad Juice

    +1 Charisma
    +3 Rads
    One sip and you’ll glow for hours.
    (side effects may include loss of appetite, hallucinations, nausea, hair loss, flesh loss, irradiation, bio-luminescence, aggression, desire for human flesh, and/or desire to lay still in open areas for days on end)


  2. Thanks for all the great comments guys but please read through the post carefully, to win you need to post on the Modiphius Entertainment Facebook page. Link is below! I will of course pass all these amazing comments on to Chris and the guys at Modiphius but edge your bets and post again at the link below



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