Fallout Wasteland Warfare: UNboxed

It is finally here! After all the months of waiting Fallout Wasteland Warfare is finally hitting those who pre ordered this excellent product and very shortly retailers everywhere! 

Just uploaded to Gamers Web’s YouTube channel is our Gamers Web: UNboxed where we take a look at Fallout: Wasteland Warfare from our very good friends Modiphius Entertainment.

To say that this is an impressive product is a vast understatement and the sheer quality of the miniatures themselves, let alone the awesome rules, makes this my game of the  year so far for 2018!

A full review of Fallout: Wasteland Warfare will be up very soon, as well as step by step guides, battle reports and terrain tips.

Please feel free to comment on the video and like, share and subscribe to our fledgling channel!

Available from all good games stores, Gamers Web recommends Mox in the Hole for great discounted prices on top games and Magic the Gathering, call now to reserve your copy!

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