Tooth and Claw. New Space Wolves and Genestealers up for pre-order!

Now up for pre-order from Games Workshop.  Space Wolves vs Genestealer cultists in Tooth and Claw!  Some very nice looking new miniatures here in this sneak taken from the Warhammer Community page!

Pre-order Today: Tooth and Claw, Codex: Space Wolves and a Pestilent Trio

Warhammer 40,000 fans are in for a treat this weekend, as there’s a host of exciting releases up for pre-order. Without further ado, let’s dive into it.

Warhammer 40,000: Tooth and Claw is the awesome new battlebox that escalates the fighting on Vigilius. As the planet’s defenders desperately battle an Ork Waaagh!, a huge Genestealer Cultist insurrection, instigated by the Claw of the Thirsting Wyrm, assails them from below. Can the arrival of a strike force of Space Wolves turn the tide against this grave threat?

The Tooth and Claw set includes 10 Primaris Space Marines, including a mighty Redemptor Dreadnought and an exclusive Space Wolves Primaris Battle Leader. Pitted against them are 20 Genestealer Cultists, featuring the new Aberrants and the debut of an alpha beast known as an Abominant. The set also includes a 40-page rulebook with all the datasheets and background for the miniatures within, as well as four Echoes of War missions that enable you to refight the key battles described in the story.

Codex: Space Wolves is also unleashed this week, both as a 144-page hardback book and as a super high-quality Collector’s Edition format. In addition to the codex, you can also order the Space Wolves Dice – 20 square-edged dice which feature thematic claw marks in place of pips – and a set of Space Wolves Datacards for keeping track of your Stratagems, psychic powers and other in-game effects.

Space Wolves players will also be able to get their hands on the Space Wolves Primaris Upgrades – a plastic frame filled with useful components to help give your Primaris Space Marines a more Fenrisian touch.

Finally, the Death Guard receive some Plague Marines Reinforcements – three single-frame plastic miniatures that were previously only available as part of the Plague Brethren box.


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