I’ve got a bad feeling about this!

Two new units are finally available for Star Wars Legion and have been long anticipated.  First up is rebel commander and hero Han Solo, the charismatic smuggler with a heart of gold.  Finally we get the Rebel Commandos, add some long range to your units and pick off your enemies from afar! Continue reading

New Strontium Dog pre-orders from Warlord Games

New from Warlord Games for the excellent Strontium Dog Miniatures Game, comes two new exciting pre-orders.  First up we have the two main protaganists Johnny Alpha and Wulf Sternhammer riding Morks, the strange alien creatures that look like they belong in Star Wars!

Next we have Scum of the Universe, three models who are among the iconic roster of villains for the characters of Johnny and Wulf. : Billy Joe, Kansyr and Steelkreeg. A full review and unboxing coming to Gamers Web as soon as I can get my hands on these awesome models!

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