Excellent Fallout Wasteland Warfare Playthrough from Guerrilla Miniature Games

With Fallout Wasteland Warfare now out and many gamers already revived their copies, it’s only natural that play through videos begin to emerge. Continue reading

Reavers up for Pre-Order now!

The Reaver class titan is about to get its make over and release for the newly launched Adeptus Titanicus from Games Workshop.  This tower machine of death will soon be gracing battlefields everywhere and is available to pre-order from Games Workshop now. Continue reading

In it for the credits! Boba Fett coming soon from Fantasy Flight Games!

He is one of the most iconic characters in science fiction, despite doing more or less nothing in the original Star Wars trilogy and now he is heading for the table top as Fantasy Flight Games are soon to release Boba Fett, and have posted a preview.  Continue reading