Brush With Death: Mantic Announce Painting Competition

Mantic Games have just announced their Brush With Death painting competition and you could win some awesome prizes!

We can all agree that Mantic produce some pretty phenomenal miniatures nowadays. Massive monsters like the Undead Wyrm or Chroneas are impressive beasts, while our resin department has been pumping out some excellent minis, like the Edge of the Abyss heroes from last year. With this in mind we wanted to relaunch the Brush with Death painting competition in a big way.

Launching today ahead of the Autumn Mantic Open Day on the 10th of November you have over 2 months to get your award winning entry painted. The closing date for entries will be Saturday the 3rd November to allow the judges 1 week to go through the entries. The winners will then be announced by Ronnie Renton at the open day!

This is the start of a twice a year event, each coinciding with a Mantic Open day.

How to enter:

All submissions should be photographed at least 3 times , from different angles and emailed to Make sure your pictures are well lit and sharp – so we can see your amazing paintjobs. There are plenty of guides online to help you when it comes to photographing your minis. You can also choose to send in or drop off at HQ in Nottingham too.

We received some feedback that previous iterations of the competition were too complicated, so Brush With Death will now simply be split over 4 categories. All categories are for ANY GENRE. There are no restrictions for our Fantasy, Sci-Fi or licensed ranges.

Single Figure

Single figure from the Mantic range. There is no size restriction on the figure or the base size so can be on a plinth or display base. It can be anything from a Goblin Wiz to a Tree Herder… but remember that bigger is not always strictly better!

Unit, Squad, Team or Warband

A minimum of five miniatures from the Mantic range, displayed on the appropriate base sizes for the game the miniatures are used in. Figures may be mounted on a single display base, be multi-based or individually based. The unit must be able to function within the game it is from.


At least two figures from the Mantic range, of any genre, mounted on a base no larger than 300mm in diameter. There is no height restriction.


At least 1,000 points army from either the Mantica or Warpath universes. Must be 100% Mantic Miniatures and must be a usable army.

And here is what you will win:

We have teamed up with Artis Opus who have been making waves in the industry with their new range of incredible Kolinsky Sable brushes. Our very own Hellboy: The Board Game and Here’s Negan The Board Game miniatures were painted by Angel Giraldez using these fantastic brushes. The winner of each category will receive an engraved collectors box with 4 brushes and brush soap.



Each category winner will also receive £100 Mantic online-store credit per category winner!


Brush with Death Competition rules

  • All miniatures must be produced by Mantic Games
  • Conversions are allowed, but it must be obvious it is a Mantic produced miniature.
  • Scratch built miniatures are not allowed
  • You may mount your miniatures on a suitable gaming or display base
  • The person entering the miniatures into the competition must be the person that painted them
  • You can only enter each category once and you can enter all of the categories.
  • By entering the competition, you agree to your entry/entries being photographed/videoed, and that all recordings shall be the property of Mantic Games to be used in whatever manner Mantic Games sees fit.
  • [source]

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