Star Trek Adventures Operations Manual now on pre-order from Modiphius Entertainment

New to pre-order for Star Trek Adventures from Modiphius Entertainment comes The Operations Division, a hard bound supplement that will allow you to flesh out your Ops characters and much more.

On and in Friendly Local Gaming Stores


LONDON, ENGLAND, September 4th – ENnie award-winning Star Trek Adventures’ latest roleplaying game supplement can be pre-ordered from Modiphius Entertainment and friendly local game stores today, for release in November.
The Operations Division supplemental rulebook provides gamemasters and players with a wealth of new material for characters and campaigns that focus on security and engineering. It covers material on the Starfleet Corps of Engineers, Starfleet Intelligence, and even the elusive Section 31, with new character options and NPCs. Players will also find a diverse selection of technology with which to equip their characters, as well as details on larger systems. It also contains new rules for miniatures combat, developed from the 2d20 System rules for a skirmish game using the range of Star Trek Adventuresminiatures and game tiles.
Customers who pre-order the book will be eligible to receive a PDF copy immediately, either through or through emailing a proof of purchase to The PDF Collection from contains all released core books and supplements, and will include the operations supplement from today.
Earlier this year, Star Trek Adventures won three ENnies for Best Rules, Best Miniatures Product, and Best Production Values, and has enjoyed critical acclaim and a thriving player base.The Operations Division supplemental rulebook is the second in a trio of game supplements that focus on the three divisions of Starfleet: command, operations, and sciences. The Sciences Division supplemental rulebook will be released in the new year, and will combine with the command and operations book covers to form a triptych.


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