Fallout Wasteland Warfare Update

There is a new scenario and updates on shipping and more in this update from Chris Birch over at Modiphius Entertainment.  

We were saving these new downloads for when the sets we’re all out but we thought it would be nice to make them available now for you to check out – nine free bonus scenarios for use with the Creatures and Robots sets – hope you enjoy!
Our goal is to keep giving you lots of great scenarios, campaigns and more guidance on making the most of AI and Co-Op gameplay.
Here’s an example of one of the free scenarios which uses the Ghouls.
We’re about half way through shipping the Vault Tec and Vault Dweller bundles and overall about half way on the total orders that were made by March 1st (what we call the priority orders).
The only items we’re waiting on for priority orders are re-stocks of Suiciders, Feral Ghouls, Radscorpions, Robots Core Box, Gaming Matts, and Starter Scenic Sets – these are all due tomorrow, Monday and mid next week so we expect to have completed priority shipments by middle of next week and be straight in to orders that came after March 1st.
If you’re order didn’t include those items it’s currently in the queue to ship so won’t be long. We don’t get massive stocks in one go except for the biggest sets, but regular smaller shipments which keeps the warehouse packing going, it’s not always perfect and sometimes there’s a delay where say 100 orders need a set that’s due a few days later, so the warehouse moves on to the next orders with available stock.
Next, orders from March 2nd up to date will start shipping in date order. There will be rolling deliveries of production to keep this process going. Amazingly we now have the entire resin factory working on Fallout which is pretty insane considering where we were a few months ago. We’ll also be keeping the pressure up to make sure retailers get enough stock to support them too over the coming months.
As a reminder the warehouse sends a email confirmation once the parcel has hit the depot so typically it’s already in the system by then, tracking details are sent when the parcel is over 2kg or if you’ve requested this.
I can see the US has solicited distributors for their final orders this week so they’re on track to get that stock out to retailers by 18th still. UK retailers should see the stock next week as Asmodee have taken delivery of their first (priority) order.
Customer Support has been targeted by some chinese spammers hitting us with a couple of thousand emails a day – we’re getting a fix in place to stop it but if you’re waiting on a reply at the moment it’s likely contributing to the delays to get back to you. Please allow up to three working days for replies, remember they’re not working at the weekend.
Next week myself and designer James Sheahan are at Beasts of War recording some videos including a co-op vs AI battle report and settlement building, doing a look at the resin quality, overview of the factions and more.

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