Kill Team: Rogue Trader now on pre-order

Regular visitors to Gamers Web will have noticed that we have been following the first expansion for Games Workshops skirmish squad game Kill Team for a while now, and it has finally gone live for pre-order today. 

More details below but now you can get your hands on this game, complete with two factions, codexes and much more for £80 directly from Games Workshop or your local stockists.

Rogue Trader
Rogue Trader
Kill Team: Rogue Trader

It’s an adventure in a box. It’s a Killzone. It’s two Kill Team Starter Sets in one. It’s Kill Team: Rogue Trader, and it’s got something for you:

– Battle through a thrilling series of narrative missions with the kill teams in the box, then take them to your campaigns and tournaments with new team members, specialisms and – for the first time – Commanders.

– Fight close-quarters skirmishes in the confines of the Truehawk and an Imperial Shrine with full Killzone rules for any of your games.

– Collect stunning new miniatures that, for the first time, bring a Rogue Trader and their crew (and a host of horrifying mutants) to your tabletop.

– Take your new models to your games of Warhammer 40,000 with TWO included codexes – including unique Stratagems for each army.

If you’ve mastered the core manual and fancy a new challenge, expand your game today:

Pre-order Now
Don’t Forget the Dice! 
Designed to match either the forces of Elucia Vhane or the Gellerpox Infected, these dice are the ideal companion to Kill Team: Rogue Trader.
Pre-order Now
All images and likeness copyright Games Workshop LTD, All Rights Reserved


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