The Deadly 7 verses Wayward 8 (BoW)

What happens when some of the roughest and toughest hombres in the west meet up with some of the most cunning?  Check out this great video from our good friends over at Beasts of War as they are joined by Darren from Warcradle as the Deadly 7 face off against The Wayward 8.   Continue reading

Scout Troopers Preview From Fantasy Flight Games

Star Wars has some amazing visual imagery, and it is little wonder that some of its characters have become iconic over the past forty years.  The Stormtroopers with their pristine white uniforms, while simplistic looking; are enough to send dread through most of those that see them.  A variant of the classic trooper uniform is the Scout and they take the iconic look and had even more menace to it.  Now Fantasy Flight Games have just previewed the Scout Trooper for Star Wars Legion! Continue reading