Fallout Wasteland Warfare Update

More scenarios and updates for Fallout Wasteland Warfare from Modiphius Entertainment. also details of a FWW terrain competition, release schedule and more from our good friends over at Modiphius!

There next batch of six missions (6-11) from the faction sets are now available to download.
Everyone has been so creative in the community that we’re going to announce a competition next week for the best terrain – we’re going to be looking for the best scenic table, the best individual scenic piece and we’ll be awarding prizes for stores as well as individuals. More details to follow next week but this is a heads up to start thinking if you haven’t already started.
If you didn’t know there’s an official forum here. If you’d rather stay on Facebook of course there’s the excellent fan page maintained by Ash Barker. Chris, James, Jon and other members of the team frequent both to answer queries and be part of the conversation as and when they can.


We shared some exclusives including the Master & the Mechanist below in this Beasts of War show – lots of images of sets to come and a long chat about plans for the game.
You can also see Justin (Survivors) and Chris (Super Mutants) team up to escape the Brotherhood of Steel in a really great playthrough video which shows off how co-op and AI play works. Keep an eye on the channel as they’ll be doing un-boxings of all the sets.


We’re starting to see Fallout turn up in retailers around the globe and thanks to those of you who supported the pre-order through your local FLGS. We’re organising an army of Vault Dwellers to get out there and start demoing the game to build the community.
Whilst the first stocks to arrive were based on pre-orders, we’re in actual fact planning proper monthly releases to allow us to provide retail with fair levels of stock so here’s what you can expect to turn up in retail over the coming months.
OCTOBER: Retail Pre-orders of the Expansion sets in North American Stores (Boston Companions, Heroes of Sanctuary Hills, Minutemen Posse, Hammer, Suiciders, Frontline Knighs, Knight Capt Cade and Paladin Danse)
NOVEMBER: Re-stocks of the Expansion sets worldwide
DECEMBER: Re-stocks of the Two Player Starter Set, and the Super Mutants, Brotherhood of Steel and Survivors Core Sets.
Due to the huge success of Wave 1, and delays in pre-orders we’ve decided Wave 2 will not be a pre-order except for 1 or 2 special order web only items (including the Crashed Vertibird terrain set). There will be 3 months of retail releases which we’ll start once we have enough stock ready for distribution. We’ll announce the 3 months of releases soon and how the original pre-order bonuses (Mysterious Stranger, Nuka Girl and Alien Zetan) will be offered.
As the two player starter box is now out of stock, we’re taking pre-orders on Wave 1 on the webstore for shipping in December so any orders after 13th September will ship then. In the meantime please support your local stores!
Last week we discovered the warehouse managed large batches of pre-order data grouped by type of shipping – eg postal office, courier, bulk courier etc. As a result our batch of data for Oct-March wasn’t necessarily shipping in data order. This wasn’t their fault just a misunderstanding in how their system processed the data. We quickly moved to prioritise remaining orders in date order and have been informed by the warehouse that all outstanding orders up until December 31st along with any remaining Vault Tec bundles have now shipped. If for some reason you order is in that group and hasn’t shipped it maybe due to an issue with the address, or some other problem and we’ll be in touch on Monday if so. Please note if your order shipped Friday you may not get a notification till end of play Monday when the depot receives the stock and triggers the dispatch note.
The warehouse were also able to add more team members to help process the remaining pre-orders much more quickly, so here’s where we are:
  • Remaining orders from Jan-March 1st are due to be shipped out this coming week between Monday 24th and Wednesday 26th Sept
  • Orders after the priority cut-off from March through July (the end of the pre-order) will be shipped out between next Thursday 27th September and Wednesday 3rd October. They’re being processed in batches to ensure April goes before May etc.
  • Orders from August to September (after pre-order closed) will then ship as stock arrives but our goal is Thursday 4th and Friday 5th October.
  • Split shipments containing Vault Tec Complete Bundles Scenic Sets will also ship around 4th-4th October to allow time for this stock to be produced.
These dates assume all goes to plan with the resin production, and we’ve allowed some leeway. As usual I’ll keep you updated as we clear each stage so you know progress. The warehouse have done an amazing job pushing through so much this week and have been working this weekend to pick and pack as many orders ready to go on Monday as possible.
It seems like we’ve managed to stop the chinese spammers, but with the large number of people still waiting on orders and our usual level of queries it has been taking about 2 working days to get back to people so bear that in mind when waiting. The team don’t work weekends so please allow for extra time for replies.

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