A closer look at Wake The Deads Protagonists

Wake the Dead, the latest Battlebox from Games Workshop for Warhammer 40,000 is about to hit stores very soon and the guys in Nottingham have given us a closer look at the two main characters from the game!

Wake the Dead: New Models

Wake The Dead isn’t just a great deal, or a campaign in a box – it’s also your chance to grab two beautiful new plastic Characters for your army.

These new models are both for units that are list-building linchpins – from the ever-useful Primaris Lieutenant and the wraith-commanding Spiritseer – giving you some beautiful new options for your army. We caught up with the designers who made the models and gleaned some interesting insights you might have missed…

The Spiritseer from Wake the Dead was designed to upgrade the classic resin Spiritseer using cutting-edge technology as well as new design elements to properly reflect their rank and role in the Aeldari army.

As well as featuring crisper, sharper and finer detail across the model, this new miniature features elements such as hanging cloths as well as a long overcoat over their robes. Spiritseers are, after all, powerful individuals, closer in significance to Farseers than Warlocks – these design elements help tie the model to other high-ranking Aeldari, like the plastic Farseer as well as Eldrad Ulthran.

A short dagger, meanwhile, is a small touch designed to help demonstrate the Spiritseer’s relationship to the soldiers they’re most often found commanding – wraith constructs. Designed as a primarily ceremonial weapon, this piece of wargear is a simple touch that ties the Spiritseer to WraithguardWraithbladesWraithlords and Wraithknights.

Finally, the new Spiritseer is made of plastic, and features an interchangeable head, meaning if you’re looking to customise yours (or just make a simple head-swap to resemble a favourite character), you’ll find it easy:

Primaris Lieutenants are the perfect opportunity to express the individual character of your Primaris Space Marines army. Are they a grizzled pack of veterans of decades of war, led by a battle hardened master of war like Haldor Icepelt? Have they adopted the culture of their Chapter and taken up new arms and armour, like Tolmeron and Zakariah? The Primaris Lieutenant in Wake the Dead is designed to represent the storied tactical masterminds who serve with the likes of the Ultramarines, Imperial Fists and other Chapters who have turned war into an art.

This miniature is packed with design motifs and ornamentation that hearken back to the history of the Space Marines, from the classic laurels on his helm to the beads wrapped around his sword. If you’re a veteran Space Marines collector, this model is a fantastic way to bring together your older models with your new, Primaris Space Marines.

Those who collect purely Primaris Space Marine armies, meanwhile, will find the extra detail on this model really helps it stand out, adding an extra level of individuality and character to your collection. Blank shoulder pads, meanwhile, allow you to tie this model to any Chapter of your choosing – Iron Hands, Black Templars or any one of the thousand Chapters spread across the Imperium.

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