Wake the Dead: The Lore!

In this final look at the Wake the Dead Battlebox we are treated to what has previously happened on the war torn planet of Vigilus!

Wake the Dead: The Lore

Wake the Dead is a new battlebox that continues the story of Vigilus – a war-torn world key to the continued survival of the Imperium. Having looked at the new models and contents from the boxed set, today we’re delving into the narrative, as tensions between Humanity and the Craftworlds ignite into all-out war.

To recap, Vigilus is an essential world for the Imperium, acting as the gateway to the Nachmund Gauntlet – one of the only safe routes through the Cicatrix Maledictum. Control of Vigilus allows the Imperium to just about keep its beleaguered worlds on the far side of the rift reinforced and re-supplied; to lose it would cripple the war effort against the rampaging forces of Chaos. Vigilus is a tempting target and, like any major Imperial world, is threatened both from without and within by all manner of sinister forces…

With the Genestealer Cults of the Pauper Princes driven back underground thanks to Haldor Icepelt’s efforts (you can find out more about this chapter of the battle in Tooth and Claw), Vigilus seemed safe. However, tragic misunderstanding and ancient rivalries have once again brought open war to this crucial world…

The Aeldari are a race of prophets and seers, gifted with preternatural foresight. As the Great Rift yawns across the galaxy, each craftworld has scrambled to re-align the skeins of fate, conducting lightning raids and pursuing hidden agendas to secure a future for their kind.

Foreseeing disaster on Vigilus, the Wild Riders of Saim-Hann dispatched a strike force to assassinate Vannadan the Firebrand, a rising demagogue who had already convinced thousands of citizens to throw their lot in with Chaos. Their mission was a success – but not one without cost…

Upon completion of their mission, the forces of Saim-Hann were rewarded for their service to the Imperium in blood and steel, torn apart by a response force of Imperial soldiers. Interpreting the actions of the craftworlders as an attack, no mercy was shown, and the forces of Saim-Hann were butchered, retreating with the spirit stones of their fallen and an lust for vengeance.

That’s where Wake the Dead comes in. In this set, you’ll get to read through and play the next stages in this brutal conflict, as Spiritseer Qelnaris vents his contemptuous fury upon Vigilus, opposed by the beleaguered world’s new Ultramarines reinforcements. If you’ve been following the story of Vigilus so far, you’ll be able to follow this unfolding narrative as it enters a dark new stage – just make sure to pre-order your copy this weekend!

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