Cry Havoc!

A new update for Games Workshops Adeptus Titanicus is now up for pre-oder.  The Warhound Titan is an iconic looking beast that looks all but identical to the larger version for 40K produced by Forge World. 

Your battlegroups for Adeptus Titanicus: The Horus Heresy are getting a boost this weekend with the third of the major Titan classes – the Warhound. Smaller than the Warlord and Reaver, the Warhound is a Scout Titan, which works in packs to surround and bring down heavier war engines. In the new Warhound Titans plastic kit, you get two of these fast and deadly god-machines, with a choice of four devastating weapons and multiple heads and armour plates to personalise your Titans.

The sharp-eyed among you will have noticed that your Adeptus Titanicus: The Horus Heresy Rules Set came with two Command Terminals for Warhounds. But what if you want more? That’s where the new Warhound Titan Command Terminals set comes in, giving you a massive five more.

The Venator Scout Maniple set, meanwhile, gives you four Warhound Command Terminals, and one for a Reaver. If you choose to bring this maniple to your games, the Reaver will benefit from additional shooting attacks whenever a Warhound collapses an enemy Titan’s void shields – a powerful bonus.

Finally, if you’re getting lots of Warhounds, you’ll need weapons cards for them, so a Warhound Titans Weapons Card Pack is the way to go. This provides multiple cards for each of the four weapons in your Warhound kit, giving you plenty of flexibility for arming your Scout Titans.


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