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What makes you so Special? A look at Specialists for Star Wars: Legion

Its been a while since Fantasy Flight Games announced that they were releasing the Specialists for their amazing game Star Wars: Legion. Now the products for both Rebellion and Empire are up for order on the official Fantasy Flight Games … Continue reading

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The Warlord Games HQ Store Experience: Guest BlogSpot

Welcome to the first of our guest bloggers here at Gamers Web.  Today we have a report on the recent Warlord Games HQ visit from our good friend Alif.  So without further ado over to Alif!

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Fallout Boardgame goes West! New California expansion previewed!

Fantasy Flight Games have a great stable of exciting games and products, and are always adding more.  Last year they released the Fallout board game (not to be confused with Modiphius Entertainments Fallout Wasteland Warfare!).

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Coming soon from TTCombat

Amazing new pieces of terrain coming soon from TTCombat.  Ideal for post apocalyptic games such as Fallout: Wasteland Warfare, This is not a Test and more. 

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Hunger Games: Mockingjay the Board Game update 2

Games maestro Alessio Cavatore has just posted details of the latest poll for the next two characters for the Hunger Games: Mockingjay board game kickstarter.  Miniatures look amazing.

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Art for Arts sake

Games Workshops games often are a talking point.  Fans will get very heated over the latest set of rules, or argue till the cows come home that one army is more powerful than another, or the points are out on … Continue reading

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