The Warlord Games HQ Store Experience: Guest BlogSpot

Welcome to the first of our guest bloggers here at Gamers Web.  Today we have a report on the recent Warlord Games HQ visit from our good friend Alif.  So without further ado over to Alif!

The Warlord Games HQ Store Experience

Bolt Action, Konflikt ’47 and Beyond the Gates of Antares comes to mind when one mentions Warlord Games . However, many whom are not familiar with
these games do not know that Warlord Games have their own store at their HQ in Nottingham, UK!

Wanting to do my little Geek Nation Tours  on a budget, I knew one of the places to visit is the Warlord Games HQ Store.

After deciding on a date, I booked a night to stay at P&J Hotel on Derby Road.

Although it requires a combination of walking and travel by a city bus from the Nottingham Train Station, the hotel is only 20+ mins walking distance away from Warhammer World and 10 mins walking distance away from Warlord Games HQ!

The day has arrived and upon checking in, I was glad to discover that the hotel’s single room was comfortable and equipped with centralised heating. Sainsbury is only 5 minutes away and was my source of emergency sandwiches! The only gripe I have is the shower area is too small for my taste. I cannot fathom how I’d fit in it if I am a plus sized human.

Warlord HQ Store Entrance

With the help of Google Maps, walking to Warlord HQ was quick and easy to navigate. When I arrived, I was led to a car park and finding the place was not easy at first. However after looking at each sides of the building closely, a white glaring Warlord Games signboard can be seen at the entrance of Warlord Games HQ.

Once inside, you will immediately notice where the store is. As I step in, my first impression of the store was it wasn’t as big as I thought it would be. Roughly the size of a typical Games Workshop store, it reminded me of a Games Workshop store in terms of layout and display. First thing you will notice are the display tables followed by a boatload of stock on display shelves. Finally, you will realise plenty of miniatures on display in the glass cabinets. I forgot to take a storewide shot and will have to borrow this pic I found online. D’OH!

Display tables are located in the middle of the store. This is where demo games are held and some of these tables will look familiar as they have been re-used in conventions, Warlord Games Open Day, Product shots, etc. The best table is the Bolt Action one whereby a narrative can be felt just by looking at it.

Bolt Action
Display Table

The miniature display shelves are mostly if not fully filled by the actual miniatures you see in product
shots. It is quite surreal to see those minis in actual person. Although product shots do include extra lighting, these miniatures you see in actual person really do look as good as the ones you see in its product shots. I am humbled upon seeing it and it really puts my painting skills into perspective.

Display Cases
Display Cases
Display Cases
Display Cases

Closer inspection on stocks for sale on shelves made me realise that they do not display all products from Bolt Action, Gates of Antares, Konflikt ’47, etc. This was surprising at first but after seeing the limited space they have, I don’t blame them.

As I was browsing for Algoryn skimmers in the Gates of Antares section, the friendly store manager attended to me and we talked about the differences between Gates of Antares’ factions and how the game differs from Bolt Action. I asked for a demo but sadly, their dice were loaned out elsewhere and the store was closing for the day as it was late in the evening.

Algoryn Skimmers from the Gates of Antares range

Beautiful Konflikt ’47 minis caught my eye and upon further observation, I realised they had stock of the US M5A5 Jackal that I liked. So I have decided to buy it instead of the Algoryn skimmer! Checkout was a breeze and since I spent at least GBP £20, I was told that I will be given the Warlord HQ Exclusive Sir Simon the Templar for free!

Sir Simon Templar from Hail Caesar Range

As I left the premises, I can’t help but feel a great sense of satisfaction. Although I did not get what I wanted, the friendly staff and comfortable environment made up for it (plus the cool US lightwalker). I wasn’t 100% familiar with Warlord Games before and the visit to the HQ Store was enough to convert me to adopt a game system!

I will not lie; the lack of product that I wanted was a bit disappointing. A quick google for Warlord Games stockists lead me to an online retail store called Goblin Gaming. Upon inquiring, they are by far the LARGEST stockist of Warlord Games’ products in the UK. Furthermore, they are on Tabletop Cashback  whereby online purchases are qualified for cashback!

Where you get discounts & cashback from buying Tabletop Games online

In summary, the visit to Warlord Games’ HQ Store was a splendid and memorable experience! If you are planning to do your pilgrimage to
the land where modern miniature wargaming was born, Warlord Games HQ is a must visit.

Tabletop Cashback gives you just that, money back from buying your favorite games from your favorite venders, no fuss, just simple savings! Just click the banner above to find out more.  Many thanks to Alif for his report and we hope to have more from him soon.

Alif is a very keen gamer and lives in Malaysia

Published by Marc Farrimond

I'm a 55 year guy from Wigan in Lancashire living in Edinburgh, Scotland with two of my four awesome kids and my long suffering wife Laura. I have worked freelance over the years for some of the biggest names in tabletop and roleplaying and I am a very keen cosplayer and photographer.

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