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More news in from our good friends over at Modiphius Entertainment, covering shipping, dice and an exciting competition with some great prizes!


Hi there, today we’ve got a lot of news for Fallout: Wasteland Warfare!
Firstly, we had a few reports of people with incorrect blue dice. Basically if your BLUE dice have negative numbers on the faces like ‘-2’ then you have the incorrect set. Thankfully this has not been widespread and seems to be limited to a small extra run the factory did. You can check for certain using this page – if it looks like you have the wrong blue dice please complete the form. The Chinese factory are currently making some replacements dice for us and we expect to receive these in about 10-14 days. They’ll be mailed out directly to you from our UK office.
This doesn’t have to stop you enjoying the game though, James the designer made up a sheet of symbols for you to grab from – called Blue Dice Faces under the Errata. Just print them on sticky paper (or normal) and affix to the blue dice and you’re good to go until your shipment arrives. Remember Vault Dweller, the Wasteland wait for no one
We’ve been keeping an eye on the community and you’ve been getting really inspired building awesome looking terrain so we’re going to have a competition for the best pieces produced by individuals AND stores! As you’re on this email list I’m giving you a heads up early but we’ll be officially announcing it with the rules and entry form next week.
There’s going to be prizes for:
1) The best table (both retailer and individual)
2) The best scenic piece (both retailer and individual)
3) A ‘Spirit of Fallout’ award for the table or scenic piece that best captures the world, style or dark humour of Fallout.
Remember, Fallout: Wasteland Warfare is usually played on a 3×3 foot board, so for those entering the table categories, we would expect to see a thematic table full of Fallout inspired scenery. From the empty streets of Concord, to the Factories, abandoned installations and Vaults of the wasteland, to the irradiated barren wastes, there is plenty to draw from.
Those planning on building a single scenic piece should consider how it would be used in game. Would it be a thematic mini diorama that could be fought over as a mission objective, a burned out Atomic factory waiting to be looted, or Vault entrance that has begun to be overgrown with the strange plant life that emerged after the bombs fell. Entries should be around 10-12″ max, but can be smaller.
So get creative folks, the competition is going to be open through December 31st to give you plenty of time to get that glue and bits boxes working. Our team will be selecting a short list in the first week of January for the first two categories and then the community will vote on the final winners. The voting will close February 1st. We’ll be picking the winner for the third category ourselves.
PRIZES? I know the joy of making awesome looking terrain might be enough for some, but to encourage more of you to get your hands stuck together with super glue in the cause of the wasteland we’re putting up a prize of $500 US worth of Fallout: Wasteland Warfare product for each prize in the Best Table category, and $150 USD for each prize in the Best Scenic category, with a final $150 prize for the Spirit of Fallout category.
Watch out for official news on this next week!


The warehouse have been shipping remaining orders through to Sept 15th as fast as replacement resin stock arrives, the culprits holding up the last orders have been the popular Robots Core boxes, Scenic Sets, Resin Two Player Starter sets (which also come with the PVC models), Ghouls, Heroes of Sanctuary Hills and a few Nuka Cola Machines (well 3 to be precise). Stock is being allocated to the oldest orders first now. The factory have been churning all of these out in big volumes and we expect to get final shipments to allow us to cover everything except the Scenic Sets this coming week.
Vault Tec Bundles – Scenic Sets
If you had a Vault Tec bundle and are waiting on the second shipment of the Scenic sets the orders are in the system and we’re waiting on enough production to ship them all out in one go which will speed things up for everyone. We expect this to be about 10-14 days time.
There’s an official forum here. If you’d rather stay on Facebook of course there’s the excellent fan page maintained by Ash Barker. Chris, James, Jon and other members of the team frequent both to answer queries and be part of the conversation as and when they can.
There’s an unboxing of the Brotherhood core box and discussion of the faction with Chris and James over on Beasts of War. Check it out!


Fallout: Wasteland Warfare is now turning up in Australian retail and we’re aiming to get North American retail the outstanding seven expansion sets by the end of this month. Some are ready to ship, so we’re not far off.
Direct to Retail orders have been shipping out from last week and should complete by middle of this coming week if you’re waiting on a store for those. If you ordered a Resin Two Player Starter set in store you’re also getting the PVC models.
This is what we’re aiming for next:
LATE OCTOBER: Retail Pre-orders of the Expansion sets in North American Stores (Boston Companions, Heroes of Sanctuary Hills, Minutemen Posse, Hammer, Suiciders, Frontline Knighs, Knight Capt Cade and Paladin Danse)
NOVEMBER: Re-stocks of the Expansion sets worldwide as stock allows
DECEMBER: Re-stocks of the Two Player Starter Set, and the Super Mutants, Brotherhood of Steel and Survivors Core Sets (Europe).
JANUARY: Re-stocks of the Super Mutants, Brotherhood of Steel and Survivors Core Sets (North America, Rest of the World).

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I'm a 55 year guy from Wigan in Lancashire living in Edinburgh, Scotland with two of my four awesome kids and my long suffering wife Laura. I have worked freelance over the years for some of the biggest names in tabletop and roleplaying and I am a very keen cosplayer and photographer.

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