Lookin at Da Roolz of Da Game! Speed Freeks!

More updates for Speed Freeks and we get to take a glimpse at the rules (or Roolz in Ork speak) of the game and what makes this different in so many ways from your typical Games Workshop game!

Speed Freeks – Da Roolz

We hope you’re all ready for the Speedwaaagh! as we’re about to kick #Orktober up a gear. With all the new Ork vehicles unveiled and Speed Freeks available to pre-order this weekend, it’s time for us to take a look at the game itself:

The game includes four rukks – each of which is part race, part fight – fought between up to eight players, depending on the rukk. Victory condistions in each rukk vary from shootin’ and krumpin’ the vehicles of rival Speedmobs to blowin’ up their stuff or gettin’ across the finish line first.

One such rukk is Da Grand Smash – a classic demolition derby where victory belongs to the Speedmob that scored the most points by destroying rival models – even if their own Speedmob is subsequently wiped out! In fact, you’ll be able to see this particular rukk in action in November’s issue of White Dwarf!

Once you know what rukk you’re using, you then pick a Speedmob to play with. Each Speedmob comprises four models – 3 Warbikers (one of which is Boss Nob), and your Wagon of choice (one of the six shiny new vehicles we’ve been showing off recently).

There are six Warbiker datacards and six Wagon datacards (one for each different type – the two in the box and the four additional Wagons available soon), that detail their respective background and rules. The datacards reveal everything you need to know about each vehicle, from the guns it has available and which direction it can fire them in, to how skilled the driver is and how much damage it can suffer before it is destroyed. Each of the vehicles also has a number of abilities that can help give them the edge in certain situations, such as the Axle Saw of the Shokkjump Dragsta:

Each rukk takes place over a number of game rounds or until its victory conditions have been met. A game round consists of the following phases:

Kunnin’ Phase: Players secretly allocate their 10 Speed Freeks dice into Kunnin’, Speedin’ and Shootin’ pools on their dashboards. The more dice you allocate towards Kunnin’, the more likely you are to be able to activate the first vehicle in each subsequent phase that round. You must allocate at least one dice to the Speedin’ pool per surviving vehicle in your Speedmob – after all, Orks would never stop intentionally!

Speedin’ Phase: First of all, you assign at least one dice from your dashboard’s Speedin’ pool to each of your vehicles. The more Speed Freeks dice you allocated to a vehicle, the faster it is likely to move (and less likely it is to stall) when you roll to determine how many gubbinz you can place end to end to create a Trail.

If a vehicle’s Trail leads it into another object, it will ram it – in the case of a vehicle – or simply crash if it hits something like a scrap pile. You can perform flashy manoeuvres like driftin’ to skid around corners or other vehicles, and can also make use of speshul or even snazzy gubbinz to careen across the battlefield at breakneck speed. These manoeuvres come with risks, however, and can force your vehicle to spin out at the end of its move if you fail the subsequent drivin’ test – you have been warned!

A Word on Rammin’
The angle from which you ram your opponent makes a big difference to the level of mutual destruction. While only the bravest (some might say Orkyist) players would risk a head-on ram, shunting or T-boning your rivals can be a useful tactic – especially if your Wagon has an ability that can increase the damage caused, such as Megatrukk Scrapjet’s Turbine Screw Drill:

Shootin’ Phase: When activating a vehicle in the Shootin’ phase, the number of shots you can make in each direction varies according to its datasheet. In the case of the Kustom Boosta-blasta, this can range from its turret-mounted rivet kannon, which can fire in every direction, to its massive burna exhausts that unleash a wall of flame to its left and right:

If your attack roll causes more successes than your rival’s armour roll, they draw a number of damage cards equal to the weapon’s Damage characteristic. These results can vary from a simple damage point being inflicted to the driver being wounded (hampering any subsequent drivin’ tests they make), or the vehicle being set ablaze:

As a rukk carries on, mayhem is all but guaranteed as vehicles begin to pick up all sorts of debilitating damage. However, once a vehicle has a number of damage counters equal to or greater than its Hits characteristic, it is destroyed!

Fightin’ Phase: This is where rival models that are within 2″ of each other can get down to some good ol’ fashioned krumpin’. These fights are resolved in the same way as for the Shootin’ phase, but using each vehicle’s Melee profile instead of its ranged weapons.

That about wraps up our rules preview for the moment. Later this week, we’ll be taking a closer look at some of the Wagons that can lead your Speedmobs, so keep an eye out. Until then, why not pick up a Warbiker Mob and get your Speedmob started early?


Published by Marc Farrimond

I'm a 55 year guy from Wigan in Lancashire living in Edinburgh, Scotland with two of my four awesome kids and my long suffering wife Laura. I have worked freelance over the years for some of the biggest names in tabletop and roleplaying and I am a very keen cosplayer and photographer.

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