Orcys Marauder Madness

Mantic Games are pretty well known for their awesome sales, letting you get stuff really cheap and pick up some bargains, but this is nuts even by their craziness.  Currently you can pre-order Orcys Marauder Madness deal that gives you 78 Marauders for just £24.99, or 32 for just £14.99!  With the new Ork Codex from Games Workshop out soon this is a great way to boost your Boyz if you are on a budget and not playing in a tournament!

They thought he was dead! They thought Zak had beaten him to death and then used his skull as a bowl. But no! Orcy is back… although the resurrection process has clearly done something to his brain. However, the great news is that, not only is everyone’s favourite greenskinned menace back in action, he’s returned with some fantastic offers.


First up is Orcy’s Double Marauder Madness. For just £25/$35/€35 you can get 78, yes 78(!) Marauders for your Warpath or Firefight armies. In this fantastic bundle you get:

18 PVC Plastic Marauder Commandos
2 PVC Plastic Commando Sergeants
2 PVC Plastic Commando Pyros
10 PVC Plastic Goblin Snipers
2 PVC Plastic Guntracks with Crew
2 PVC Plastic Hulks
40 Hard Plastic Goran Auxiliaries

We think Orcy’s brain may have suffered some damage during the beating, because that’s crazzzzzzzzzzzzzzy value! If, for some reason you don’t need 78 Marauders, there’s a smaller bundle that contains 39 greenskinned beauties. You can pick up both of these incredible deals until October 31st or while stocks last.


Remember, we’ve also brought the Marauder Raptor out of retirement – following Next Level Painting’s Raptor video – so you can add some vehicular support to your Marauder army.


That’s not all – Orcy’s generosity knows no limits – because until October 31st you can use the code ORCY20 to get 20% off orc/Marauder products on the Mantic website. You could grab yourself one of the awesome Winged Slashers, an Orc army for Kings of War or a Deadzone Faction Starter. Just enter the code ORCY20 at the the checkout! This offer is only available until October 31st.


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