November Pre-orders (Warcradle)

Apologies in advance for being a couple of days late with this post, it was meant to go out on sooner but I have been visiting my grandkids.  Some awesome pre-orders for Wild West Exodus for November, with a little something for everyone really. Expect unboxings and reviews as soon as I can get my hands on these beauties!

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 In the next set of Wild West Exodus releases, we’re bringing new and remastered Legendary miniatures to the table, heavy armoured support units and a Red Oak building still open for business long after the sun has set…

Let’s start off by introducing Legendary Jedrick Powell & 20-20, shall we?

Unique in the Frontier, 20-20 is a relic of the closing days of the Ore War, a Blackhoof automata transformed into a one of a kind prototype only accepting of one rider. Blackhoof 20-20 and his good friend Jedrick set out together to bring sweet justice upon all lawbreakers.

This dynamite duo is now available to pre-order alongside a remastered Legendary Wyatt Earp for Lawmen, Legendary Raven Spirit for Warrior Nation and Legendary Abraham Lincoln for the Union.

There are few new sets of armoured soldiers in town too; The Cor Caroli Luminant equipped with powerful weapons, UR-31 G.I. Bots built for open combat deployment, and a set of Watcher Virdian Locust/Chigoe that can be deployed as either airborne Virdian Chigoe assault units or fire support Virdian Locust are all available to pre-order from today.

And finally, the Red Oak Cat House is open for business! A place where all needs are met, all desires sated and all currencies taken – there’s never a dull moment beneath its roof. Often those drinking in the Red Oak Saloon find themselves heading to the Cat House for a place to lay their hat.

All of this month’s pre-orders are set to be released on November 24th with the exception of Legendary Jedrick Powell & 20-20 who will be released on the 22nd December.

These items are available to pre-order from us, or your FLGS, and as always, be sure to check out all of this months pre-orders so you don’t miss out on any of our new Wild West Exodus products.




Legendary Jedrick Powell & 20-20


Legendary Abe Lincoln




Legendary Wyatt Earp



Legendary Raven Spirit


Red Oak Cat House



Cor Caroli Luminant


Viridian Locusts / Chigoe



UR-31 G.I. Bots



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