Feel the Need for Speed! Gaslands from Osprey Publishing

Until very recently Osprey Publishing where very famous for their extremely accurate line of military history and uniform books.  Each crammed with gorgeous illustrations and packed with information made the Men at Arms series a must have and go to for any historical wargamer! 

Recently Osprey Publishing have branched into new areas that veer away from historical or factual and released a line of fantasy, horror and science fiction based games, one of which we will take a look at today, Gaslands!

Gaslands is a high octane, fast fuelled vehicle combat game! Set in an alternate reality where Mars has not only been colonised, it is now the major player and Earth is little more than an over crowded slum. The internet no longer exists in this world and television remains king.  The media controls the populace by feeding them constant entertainment and the most popular show on Earth is Gaslands, a high stakes car combat game where contestants fight for a shot at leaving the slums if Earth and living the high life on Mars!

Gaslands is a self contained miniature combat system, that recreates that Death Race 2000 feel, as your vehicles are armed and suped up and ready to burn rubber and anyone who gets in their way.

As mentioned this is a stand alone product so all that is needed is the rule book, some 20mm scale vehicles that can be bought really cheaply, some dice (special dice are used in the game but not provided, but lots of 3rd party sellers have them pretty cheaply). Photocopy the counters and templates provided at the back of the book and away you go!.

You can pick up your copy of Gaslands from Osprey Publishing below and why not visit the Facebook group too. Don’t forget to share and subscribe and comments are always welcome




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