Last Days Zombie Apocalypse (Osprey Games)

It seems these days that everyone is obsessed with zombies, be it movies or television shows like The Walking Dead, and this sub genre of horror is now getting more love than ever before!

With a plethora of zombie and post apocalypse games available now, gamers are spoiled for choice when it comes to the miniatures that they wish to use, but the rules can be either basic or to complex.  Enter Last Days Zombie Apocalypse from Osprey Games, written by head guru at Guerrilla Miniature Games and all around nice guy Ash Barker.

Now players have a set of rules that will allow them to do everything needed in a world gone to hell, from scavenging food and supplies, to building refuges and more.  But the real beauty of the game is it is designed to be used with ANY miniatures you have in your collection, freeing the player from being stuck with one companies models!

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You can order your copy of this excellent product by visiting Osprey Publishing at the link below, and why not go and visit Ash’s site the excellent Guerrilla Miniature Games.

And Ash’s page on Facebook

As always comments are always welcome. Do you think you could survive an apocalypse? Why not let us know in the comments below!

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