Star Wars X-Wing 2nd Edition Wave III and RZ-2 A-Wing previews

Fantasy Flight Games have just previewed what is coming up for the very popular X-Wing 2nd Edition, and a sneak look at the RZ-2 A-Wing expansion.

Coming up in Wave III is enough stuff to keep even the most die hard fan satisfied and wanting to get stuck in.  Below is a quick list of the items you can expect to see very shortly gracing games tables around the world!

As you will no doubt have noticed all of these space craft are taken from the prequels of the movies and set in the Clone Wars era of Star Wars, with Clone Wars about to join Star Wars: Legion in 2019 its a great time to get into both games!

Here are a few images from Fantasy Flight to get you in the mood!

The  RZ-2 A-wing first made its appearance in Return of the Jedi and became an instant fan favourite almost instantly.  A-Wings are small and extremely manoeuvrable, and make ideal strike craft, getting into the action and out just as quickly!  The  RZ-2 A-wing is due out in the fourth quarter of 2018 so expect to see them sometime in the New Year as we are now in November! I normally field X-Wings in my games but I have a few of the old A-Wings and looking forward to using them with the new 2nd Edition rules!

Here are a few images of the  RZ-2 A-wing Expansion

Wave III and the RZ-2 A-Wing Expansion Pack, are now available to order from Fantasy Flight Games directly, or your local games store.  Gamers Web recommends for great value and up to 25% discount on retail prices!


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