Jyn Erso and Rebel Pathfinders announced for Star Wars Legion!

For many Star Wars fans there is a division over the first movie that was not in the main stream of Star Wars, Rogue One.  Some see it as a none needed space filler that shouldn’t have been made, while others defend it fiercely and feel it is the best in the franchise since TheContinue reading “Jyn Erso and Rebel Pathfinders announced for Star Wars Legion!”

Rumbleslam 2 Player Starter Set Review (TTCombat)

  “Hey there sports fans and welcome back to Kaisers Palace for another nail biting edition of Friday Night Smash Up and what a show we have in store for you this evening!  Looks like there is a score to settle as the home favorites The Heavy Pounders are still licking their collective wounds after lastContinue reading “Rumbleslam 2 Player Starter Set Review (TTCombat)”