Fallout: Wasteland Warfare Robot Faction Review (Modiphius Entertainment)

One of the things I love about Fallout 4 is how retro the game is and the 1950’s vibe that seems to be everywhere.  The majority of the cars that are not burnt out husks all look like they could be racing up and down a strip, driven by James Dean, the billboards all harken back to the days when teenagers were just known as young adults (until Steve McQueen came along in the B movie The Blob of course) and the whole game has an atmosphere that is lifted from 1950s America!

Another shout out to those halcyon post war days are the robots that inhabit the world.  From the Eyebots that zip around the wasteland and spurt propaganda or play radio stations, to the formidable Sentry Bots that tirelessly guard military installations and important locations.  Add to this the Assaultrons, deadly female robots that rush at you head long and will stop at nothing to make you into mincemeat, and their opposite the slow moving Protectrons who bear more than a passing resemblance to Robby The Robot (who made his debut in 1956 in Forbidden Planet)!

The robots of the wasteland are tireless and never seem to stop, many of their human masters dead for centuries, but due to the nature of their power systems they are more or less immortal and will carry on their programmed duties for hundreds, if not thousands of years before their nuclear batteries eventually run down!  Indeed one of the central characters to Fallout 4 is the robot butler to the Sole Survivor, Cogsworth! After surviving the initial blast that wiped out most of the town of Sanctuary, Cogsworth spends the next two hundred or so years isolated and alone, just going about the tasks he was programmed to do, such as cleaning endlessly.  These robots are characters in their own right and many pop up throughout Fallout 4 and more recently Fallout 76, each with their own personality and quirks!

When Modiphius Entertainment announced that it was going to be releasing a miniature game based around the Fallout franchise, my first thought was that I hoped that the robots would be a playable faction in the game, something that was a little different to the normal human survivors or Super Mutants that inhabit the wasteland and its settlements!  So Fallout: Wasteland Warfare is released a couple of months ago and lo and behold on of the playable factions is robots!

I put my pre-order in for the Robot Faction but was quite late in doing so and this morning it finally arrived.  The Robot Faction is just one of the many factions you can chose in Fallout: Wasteland Warfare, with The Miniute Men led by Preston Garvey (who sends you on endless quests as there is always a settlement that needs help!), the Boston Survivors who you meet early on during your play through of Fallout 4, and other factions that roam the wastelands trying to survive!  All these go together to bring us a very rich tapestry of characters and more importantly miniatures that we can populate our games with!

So what do you get in your Robot Faction box?  Well the video below shows just what you get in the box and the cards and such but I will also go into more depth in a moment.

The Robot Faction Expansion comes with the following highly detailed resin miniatures

  • One Mr Handy
  • One Sentry Bot
  • One Eyebot
  • Two Protectrons
  • Three Assaultrons

Each of these miniatures is cast in high quality resin and comes with its own unique detailed scenic base.

Starting with the Sentry Bot first.  This is the largest of the miniatures in the game and a multipart model, the Sentry Bot is a very formidable looking beast indeed.  Made up from seven highly detailed resin parts, this miniature is posed in a dramatic stance, looking as if it is about to pace backwards and forwards looking for some unseen foe or intruder to eliminate.  The detail is extremely accurate to the game and the miniature stands much taller than the rest of the models in the faction, coming in at almost two inches in height.

The miniature also comes with an alternate weapon to change the load out of the robot so that it can be armed with either a missile launcher and a mini gun or two miniguns! With its high strength value and a huge endurance of 13 this is not something that is going to be taken out easily and even if you are lucky enough to reduce it to zero wounds (which in this case is its endurance) then it triggers as self-destruct sequence which could be pretty nasty for anyone caught in the blast radius!

Assembly is very simple and straight forward and there is no real issues other than choosing which weapons to equip the model with.  On the whole the model was completely free of flash and lines of detail and animation extremely crisp and natural!


With a base movement of yellow and a charge of red, this robot is not something to be trifled with and it has a very high armour value (3+1) which means it can all but shrug off most attacks with ease.  But it is perhaps the self-destruct sequence that makes this so terrifying in combat.  Doing four damage with a blast and armour break, as well as one black and two yellow dice!

The Assaultrons are all poised ready for battle, and each of the three models is cast in a very dynamic pose that befits the nature of a war bot.  All three models are feminine, yet retain that robotic look and each is comprised of a main body, the base and two arms that make up the miniature.  One of the models is equipped with the two rotating blade hands that make these robots so deadly in the game, while that other two models are both equipped with chainsword weapons that will slice and dice fleshy targets with ease.


The Assaultrons are extremely fast and move at red range and charage at green, making them a real threat in combat.  They have a very high perception of 8 giving them great ranged attacks and their agility of 6 is above average for making close assaults.  They also can be made ready for free due to their speed which is a real bonus and makes them something opponents need to think twice about when they see them on the battlefield.

Again, the Assaultron when it reaches zero wounds (endurance of 10) will self-destruct.  Add to this the above average armour value of 2+1 and 4 against energy and you are looking at something that really can shrug off damage and be on foes before they know it!  Oh and lets not forget about the head lasers and Assaultron swipe the model has, and given that you get three of them, pincer movements should really make short work of those fleshy targets!

One thing that is really common in Fallout 4 is the Eyebot!  These drone like robots seem to endlessly scour the wasteland floating just above the ground, most often you will hear them before you see them as they either play radio signals or give off propaganda speeches.

The smallest of the miniatures in the game, this model is extremely detailed and comes with a clear plastic rod that can be used to simulate it hovering above the ground.  Again a fully detailed base is supplied as with all the models in the entire range of Fallout: Wasteland Warfare and a very convenient hole is located in the centre of the base to put the flight stand in!

Of course being little more than a ball there is no real animation on a model like this but the detail is superb and features the iconic grill plate at the front of the model and the antenna that trail out in its wake.  Of course this miniature is small and the antenna are cast directly onto the model, a good choice as gluing them in place would have been a complete nightmare for a lot of even experience gamers due to the small size of the miniature, well played Modiphius well played indeed.


Games wise the Eyebot is quite a weak model, but has a yellow movement and a charge of red which means it can cover ground pretty quickly.  The model is treated as an observer which means that friendly models can use the Eyebots line of sight for charging and react to triggers which the Eyebot is aware of!  Add this to Assaultrons and you have a really powerful combo going on that can wade through most targets with ease.

Armour is just 1 for both physical and energy attacks and the Eyebot is equipped with an Eyebot laser.  Its stats are otherwise pretty average and it has a low health (endurance of 5) which means it can’t take too much damage before it is destroyed.

As mentioned above the Mr Handy unit is the utility robot of the Fallout universe and they can be found all over the wasteland, some still doing the mundane jobs they were programmed to do hundreds of years ago, others now rebelling against their programming and hunting down humans with packs of other robots.

The Mr Handy floats above the ground, but unlike the Eyebot, this miniature is not supplied with a clear rod for its base, instead the length of resin that goes from the base of the exhaust plume is used to secure the miniature to the base.  It is of course a simple matter to convert this to allow the model to sit on a clear plastic rod (you could always cut the one of the Eyebot down)!

The model comes in five parts and the base, with each of the three flowing arms being separate to the main body and the odd third eye that often bob up and down very strangely is another piece to add in place.  Care needs to be taken when gluing on the arms as these limbs are quite fragile and can snap at the base easily. The  buzzsaw that makes up one of the arms did just this to me but It can easily be fixed.


In the game the Mr Handy is equipped with the Mr Handy Buzzsaw and the Mr Handy Flamer  and though its stats are pretty much average, its move of red followed by a charge of green means it can close ground really quickly and that flamer can be very dangerous.

An above average armour against physical attacks of 3 and energy attacks of 1 rounds off this model neatly.

Finally in the Robot Faction is my favourite miniature in the entire Fallout: Wasteland Warfare range, the Protectron.  These robots are simply the 1950s captured in resin for me and really do look amazing.  The attention to detail is fantastic and look identical to their game counterparts.

There are two of these awesome miniatures and both consist of a main body and two arms so assembly is pretty much straight forward and simple.  Both of the models are captured in mid stride and are beautifully rendered. These are among the best resin sculpts I have seen in a long time and each is fantastic.


Game wise the Protectrons are more or less the same as their counterparts in the computer world. With a basic move and charge move of yellow they tend to be really slow, but with a high strength of 9 they can really pack a punch, though sadly their agility is only 1!  Armed with the Protectron Laser and a 50% chance of self destructing when they reach zero hits (endurance of 7), they seem quite average but the armour 4 against physical and 3 against energy makes they pretty useful in a fight.

As well as the item cards for your robots, you also get a whole slew of other cards (check the video they just seem to keep coming) which feature everything from events and items, to resources and more! Of course this being Fallout Wasteland Warfare, the expansion also features the AI cards that allow for solo play and facing off against robots will really make you plan out your actions when playing against the games AI mode!

The expansion also features a custom scenario Steel-Clad Manhunt which features both living and robot models on both sides and the objective is to keep your living player alive while accessing terminals and trying to kill the other living player.

All in all the Robot Faction Expansion is great value for money and a great addition to an already great game. I plan on expanding my Robot Faction by adding the Mechanist model when it arrives with wave three.

You can buy the Robot Faction Expansion direct from Modiphius Entertainment and from all good game stockists!




Published by Marc Farrimond

I'm a 55 year guy from Wigan in Lancashire living in Edinburgh, Scotland with two of my four awesome kids and my long suffering wife Laura. I have worked freelance over the years for some of the biggest names in tabletop and roleplaying and I am a very keen cosplayer and photographer.

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