Rebellion Opens Film and Television Studios (Rebellion)

That stalwart of British gaming and comic books, Rebellion are all set to open a huge £78 Million studio in Didcot! 

Rebellion the owners of the ground breaking cult comic book 2000AD and its break out character Judge Dredd are taking over a former Daily Mail publishing plant, which sits at over 200,000 square feet and has the capacity for six sound stages for work on both film and television.

This is great news not only for fans of the comics characters but also for film and television in the UK in general.  The first project goes into production in January and hopefully this will be the long awaited Judge Dredd and Mega-City One television show that has been on the cards for over a year now!  The script for the pilot has been done for a while now, and though details have not surfaced as of yet to what the show will cover, speculation is pretty rampant among die hard fans of the titular character around the world.

It is unknown if Australian superstar Karl Urban will reprise his role from the 2012 movie as the no nonsense die hard Dredd, but fans are holding out for him to sign.

Film wise the studios are large enough to film even the biggest movies and as such the Rogue Trooper movie by the director and film maker son of David Bowie, Duncan Jones could end up have its principal photography shot at Didcot!

This also means good news for the economy as British film is highly respected around the world and could mean that other companies will be attracted to the location to film block busters.

Our many congratulations to good friend of Gamers Web Jason Kingsley and all at Rebellion on this groundbreaking news. Just wondering if this is actually s front for fighting against a possible alien invasion as in the cult series UFO?

All joking aside all the best for the future.

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