Halfling Armies now on Kickstarter. (TTCombat)

Who that loves fantasy doesn’t love a halfling!  Crazy little guys who can eat more than is seemingly possible, short in stature but fierce and stoic in resolve.  Halflings have been around for a long time in fantasy gaming, and these wee gems would look awesome in anyone’s collection!

TTCombat best known for its amazing range of scenics and MDF buildings and games such as Carnivale and our Game of the Year Rumbleslam, has just launched a kickstarter campaign for a complete Halfling army and the models look amazing.  I am not really that keen on fantasy games (with the exception of Rumbleslam and Blood Bowl) but I am so tempted by these beauties to just start an army of halflings!

You can check out the kickstarter below!


The campaign looks to be fantastic and even has a few unique models for Rumbleslam too.  So break out the kitchen utensils as it’s time for second breakfast folks. Pledge today! Check out some of the awesome goals below at really great prices!

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