House Delaque previewed for Necromunda (Games Workshop)

It’s been a great year for Games Workshop fans who prefer smaller scaled action than the full blown  conflict of Warhammer Age of Sigmar or Warhammer 40,000. Shadespire and Necromunda have led the way over the past twelve months and with the recent addition of the excellent Kill Team, it seems that now is the prefect time to get into skirmish gaming! 

Just previewed by Games Workshop is the House Delaque faction for Necromunda. Delaque are one of the main factions in the game and make formidable opponents and as such the sculpts reflect this perfectly. Not possessing the lines of grace and fluidity of House Escher, or the chiseled physique of House Goliath, House Delaque simply look cold and calculating and efficient killing machines who have remained at the top of the food chain using their intellect and cunning!

Delaque deal in information and mystery and manipulate from the shadows, but they are not adverse to killing something that gets in their way if it means they accomplish their goals.  From their lofty homes at the very peak of the spire they look down upon Necromunda like Feudal lords of antiquity, ready to take advantage of any deal that my fall their way!

Bald and with looks that could be taken directly from the cult movie Dark City, Delaque look fantastic and will of course be a great welcomed sight by many old school Necromunda players once they are released.  On pre-order this coming weekend, check out House Delaque and control the game!



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