Sauriana Miniatures Game now on Kickstarter

Dinosaurs! Everyone loves dinosaurs, from wee kids to grown adults, often wishing we lived in a world when they still walked the earth.  Over the years there have been many games that have tried to blend together humans and dinosaurs, from the excellent Cadillacs and Dinosaurs to some that are best forgotten.  Now a new company is trying to blend together the best elements of steam punk and fossil punk in a game they call Sauriana!  

Now up on Kickstarter the Sauriana Miniatures Game from Fossilpunk Foundry, will blend elements of classic pulp fiction and high fantasy such as The Lost World and throw in super science that transforms power hungry men and women into prehistoric beasts, and more!

The game is a fast paced skirmish setting and features several factions for players to choose from and the artwork, miniatures and overall theme looks astounding.  Check out some of the images below and head over to the pledge page to make your pledge count NOW!


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