Heroes Reborn! Marneus Calgar gets an upgrade!

When it comes to Space Marines, it always seems that those boys in blue, the Ultramarines get to be the pride of the bunch.  They tend to feature on more covers than any other chapter in Warhammer 40,000’s history, have more background fluff and are often seen as the company mascot of Games Workshop!

With the return of Primarch Robute Gulliman to the 40K universe last year and the rise of the Primaris Marines, it was only a matter of time that one of the major characters would be re-imagined as one of the new bigger, badder, stronger Space Marines and who better to lead the way than the Chapter Master of the Ultramarines himself Marneus Calgar!

Now available to pre-order from Games Workshop, this new version of Calgar sees the model re sculpted in the much larger Primaris style armour and bedecked in  Armour of Heraclus and armed once again with the Gauntlets of Ultramar!

Again as with previous releases, Calgar will come with an honour guard to be ever vigilant and by his side, these will take the form of a pair of Primaris Victrix Guard!

The upcoming Vigilus Defiant book will detail the transformation of Calgar and his rebirth as the character had to die to be reborn, as well as all the rules to field both him and his Victrix Guard in the battle for Vigilus.

Pre-order now for release on December 15th!

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Images copyright Games Workshop LTD All Rights Reserved!

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