Wookiees everywhere! (Fantasy Flight Games)

Fantasy Flight Games have just previewed the upcoming Wookiee expansion for Star Wars: Legion.  

Wookiees are much like a force of nature in Star Wars, they are stronger than most other races, live for hundreds of years and they are extremely intelligent and loyal to those they care about.

The Empire sees them as little more than hardy slave stock that can be worked to death in some forgotten mine or processing plant, and many were put to death at the hands of the Empire.

Those that did survive have no real love for the Empire and although they are a peaceful race at heart they are stout warriors and will fight to their last breath to protect what they hold dear.

Adding extra weight to your Rebel forces, the Wookiee expansion comes with Four Wookiee warriors armed with either a Kashyyyk Pistol or Ryyk Blades or for extra firepower one is armed with the infamous Bowcaster!  These guys can take a lot of punishment and can seriously dish it out too.

Add Chewbacca to their ranks and you are talking a pretty powerful unit that is not only fast (ignores difficult terrain) but ideal to have in a fight too.

The Wookiee Expansion will be available in early 2019 and is now available to order from Fantasy Flight Games directly, or your local games store.  Gamers Web recommends 6s2hit.com for great value and up to 25% discount on retail prices!



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