Built for destruction: Blood Red Skies Pre-Orders (Warlord Games)

So 2018 is almost over and as we prepare for the festive season its time to look forward just a few weeks.  

Coming in January 2019 from our good friends at Warlord Games we find not one but two expansions for their excellent World War II aerial combat game Blood Red Skies by the living legend that is Andy Chambers!  The BF 110 and FW 190 squadrons are really going to be a force to be reckoned with.

The Focke Wulf 190 was a real pain for the RAF, fast and deadly and armed to the teeth and during the first few years of the war it was more than a match for the famous Spitfire, that was until the MK X came out!

The Messerschmidt BF 110 was a long range Fighter Bomber that caused havoc for the allied forces and brought with it so much destruction and despair.  The Luftwaffe gave the RAF such a run for their money and these two expansions will really make for great games, especially when pitted against highly maneuverable Spitfire squadrons!

Pre-Order the BF 110 and FW 190 from Warlord Games website right now and due for release on January 2019!

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