The future is bright and also Green! (Games Workshop)

Brand new previews from Games Workshop for Warhammer Age of Sigmar have just surfaced.

Back when Warhammer Fantasy  Battle was young (And so was I so a long time ago), my army of choice was Orcs and Goblins, with most of the force being made up by hundreds of Gobos which always made me laugh out loud with the antics that they were famous for.

Goblins and all of the greenskins in general have often been seen as a jokey army in war games, and Games Workshop took this hilarity and really amped things up over the years, keeping factions for both Fantasy and 40K very much in a fun vein.

So things come and go and a while back the Warhammer Fantasy universe underwent a huge change that saw the birth of Age of Sigmar which changed the nature of the game and its history forever!

With old races being renamed and re imagined for this game, such as dwarves now being steam punk miners for example, the game had a fresh new look and attitude.

Now Games Workshop have just previewed a whole bunch of new models for the Gloomspite Gitz, a re named goblin faction and the models look fantastic.  For a long time Games Workshop had amazing greenskin models from the talented hands of Kev Adams, who injected a unique look that became iconic to the range.  Those days are over now sadly but the pathos of the time that Mr Adams spent as a designer for Games Workshop has survived and we have a whole slew of great new models and terrain pieces.

As you can see from the photos, these models look fantastic and full of character and life and include rank and file troops, a character, terrain piece and of course squigs!

You can read more over at the Warhammer Community page and expect more reveals very soon.

Keep it real, keep it green!


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