Gloomspite Gitz on Pre-Order Next Week (Games Workshop)

After a week of teasing and previewing the upcoming Gloomspite Gitz faction for Warhammer Age of Sigmar, the Warhammer Community team have announced the the models will go on pre-order next week!

So the first big release from Games Workshop in 2019 is for Age of Sigmar and will feature loads of brand new miniatures for the crazy Goblin based army, as well as terrain and of course the Battletome to give you all the rules you need to field them in your games of Age of Sigmar.

There are some great new images too and our first glimpse of the Troggoths, huge troll like creatures that are bound to be centerpieces of Gitz armies around the world!

Rockgut Troggoths

Dankhold Troggoth

Head on over to the Community Page now for more details and look out for these awesome looking models in the next few weeks.

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